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We cater for all levels of experience from beginner through to advanced

Tai chi lessons Brisbane

Looking for tai chi for beginners or experienced with tai chi and would like a master to conduct a class for you or traing with you! Contact me today for more information on my flexible hours and locations in North Brisbane.

Our Tai Chi classes, available for teenagers through to elderly, can be tailored to meet indivdual or group needs. Contact me today to discuss your needs.

tai chi north lakes relieves stress, reduces illness, increases wellness, improves health

Individual personal Tai Chi training or group sessions available on the beach, your location or in my home studio

Group lessons for 10 or more discounts available. Individual lessons available. Training sessions are provided for all skill levels from beginner through to advanced. Starting from 6.30 am.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Among the benefits of learning tai chi is that you gain a gentle insight into the art of martial art.

Theraputic benefits that have been linked to regular tai chi instruction can include reduced stress, promotion of balance and flexibility, relief with arthritis pain, improved circulation, relief for high blood pressure, reduction in multiple sclerosis symptoms, assistance with sleep disorders, better breathing and mind management to help you focus, improved posture, and improved cardio fitness.

With an emphasis on posture, Tai Chi provides students with an awareness of the body and the mind, and is sometimes considered to be a moving form of meditation. By focusing exclusively on performing the body movements with grace and poise, the mind achieves a calm and clarity.

wellbeing and health

Recent studies have linked Tai Chi as being a contributing factor in relieving depression and anxiety in elderly, read more

tai chi north lakes

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For more details contact Simon Marriott, Dragon Kung-Fu & Tai Chi School (see my profile)
on 0448 257 751 or email - dragonkungfuschool@gmail.com

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North Lakes to Redcliffe, Morayfield to Chermside, Sandgate to Strathpine, & up to Bribie Island.

Tai Chi & Kung Fu group training is offered with a 'come to you' service.

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