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We cater for all levels of experience from beginner through to advanced

Kalli lessons Brisbane

I offer Kalli (sometimes spelled Kali) training for beginner to experienced serious martial artists that want to take their skill to a new level.

With over 30 years hands on and teaching experience, plus qualifications in multiple marital arts modalities, I guarantee you will learn to push yourself to the next level.

Kalli will teach you weapon skills using the Filipino stick and knife style. Filipino martial arts is often seen in movies, with recent examples being 300 and The Bourne Identity. Often misunderstood and not credited, Filipino Martial Arts is one of the most deadly and no-nonsense fighting styles in the world. I will take it to the next level and apply, simplify, integrate other fighting styles into this art. The integration applies to real combat. This is not a sport, by word definition, but has been a way of life for some Filipinos for centuries.

Kalli training will teach you stick (baston), knife, and hand to hand fighting. You will also learn strategies on fighting theories and methods and how, when why to implement these strategies during a real life threatening situation.

Group lessons for 10 or more discounts available. Individual lessons available. Training sessions are provided for all skill levels from beginner through to advanced. Starting from 6.30 am.

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