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We cater for all levels of experience from beginner through to advanced

A little about me

My name is Simon Marriott and I am a qualified and experienced martial arts master in tai chi, kung fu, kalli, and ground fighting for Brisbane northside and other areas on request.

I have over 21 years hands on practical experience in the security industry and have been training in the martial arts for over 30 years, teaching all around Brisbane.

My clients include:

  • retirement villages and nursing homes - where I help elderly cope with varying disabilities and ailments such as alzhiemers, arthritis, depressions, heart problems, and so on
  • ladies that do all types of self defence to help with health & wellness, and to learn how to defend themselves - tai chi is a particular favourite because of the gentleness of the style
  • individuals and groups of men of all ages (teenagers as well) that are into fitness but not too serious about fighting (they just want to have fun while they learn new kung fu or ground fighting techniques)
  • hardcore martial artists serious about improving their technique and strategies

If you have a group that would like to get into fitness, learn how to relax and focus, or learn another form of exercise, learn self defence and relaxation strategies, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Group lessons for 10 or more discounts available. Individual lessons available. Training sessions are provided for all skill levels from beginner through to advanced. Starting from 6.30 am.

I provide a 'come to you' service also if you would like to meet at the beach or the park, I am happy to oblige.

I am a registered personal fitness trainer with Queensland Fitness, Sport & Recreation.

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0448 257 751

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For more details contact Simon Marriott, Dragon Kung-Fu & Tai Chi School (see my profile)
on 0448 257 751 or email - dragonkungfuschool@gmail.com

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North Lakes to Redcliffe, Morayfield to Chermside, Sandgate to Strathpine, & up to Bribie Island.

Tai Chi & Kung Fu group training is offered with a 'come to you' service.

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